ТеО2 Conoscopic plates

  • Material – Uniaxial TeO2 crystals
  • Birefringence index – Δn=ne-no=2.412-2.26=0.153 @633nm
  • Surface Quality – S/D – 20/10
  • Flatness – λ/4 (633 nm)
  • Extinction ratio – < 1x10-5
  • Wavelength range –
  • Beam deviation –
  • Clear Aperture –
  • Laser damage threshold – >200MWt/cm2 (1064nm, 12ns, 1Hz)
  • Coating – upon request
  • Housing – upon request
TeO 2 Conoscopic plates 2

ТеО2 plates having:

  • High birefringence index;
  • Wide range of uses from 0.35 to 5 um;
  • Outer beams are parallel to each other at a specified distance;
  • Minimum absorption over the whole range of use;
  • Aperture diameter up to 40mm
can be widely used for conoscopic holography, 3-D scanning system, Savart interferometers etc.
TeO 2 Conoscopic plates

Conoscopic Plates with aperture and beam separation distance can be also provided.

On your request we can put AR coating on in and out Conoscopic Plate faces for selected wavelength with R<0,4%.
Also we offer multilayer broadband AR or Protective coatings to in and out Conoscopic Plate faces. Housing also can be provided according to you request.