High Quality TeO₂ Crystal

Production Facilities

Elent A basic product is ТеО2 crystal for Acousto-Optic and Polarizing Optic Application. Production facility is placed in Dnipro city (Sicrys Ltd, Ukraine).

Company has complete own production cycle consisting of raw-material chemical processing and preparing for crystals growth; crystal growth; optical processing; quality control, technical and R&D. Our technical specialists have wide experience with ТеО2 material growing and processing that gives us possibility to develop new production and processing technologies, improve and make more flexible present technologies adapting them to our customers new demands and requirements.

For instance we offer TeO2 crystals from several material types depending on using conditions:

  • Standard TeO2 material is better for the range 0.450-5 mkm;
  • Standard TeO2 crystal grown under special technology maximizing transmittance in the range 0.350 - 0.450 mkm for application sensitive to the sclarization effect;
  • Standard TeO2 crystal grown under special technology minimizing on -OH group in the range 2.7 - 3.2 mkm for application demanded plane transmission range.

We are always open for discussions to find solutions and satisfy our customer specific
demands and requirements